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BOLD Biomechanics Online Learning Destination

Happy National Biomechanics Day! 

VT will be hosting NBD asynchronous virtually through BOLD from April 6th - 16th 2021! To participate in the event is simple just explore the BOLD website and learn about biomechanics. You can do so by exploring the labs at VT on the website or through the virtual reality spaces linked at each lab's subpages. Additionally, we have some fun activities to do at home or in the classroom including a gait biomechanics activity and a spine biomechanics activity. Please use the menu at the top of the page or bottom to navigate the site. 

If you plan on participating with your school/class or as an individual please fill out this google form.

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What is BOLD? 

BOLD also know as Biomechanics Online Learning Destination. At Virginia Tech we hope to provide an experience that is exciting, educational, and interactive to students that would typically be visiting our campus for National Biomechanics Day and other events. This website will include interactive laboratory tours, informational videos, and interactive school or home activities for students to perform. The interactive laboratory tours are done through virtual reality(VR) space that allows students to click around different aspects of the lab and explore the technology, applications or research being done, and activities for students to perform and learn along with. This event/website will cover a wide range of biomechanical topics, including but not limited to, musculoskeletal biomechanics, movement mechanics, and tissue mechanics. A recorded panel for learners to watch are also included, composed of industry personnel and undergraduate/graduate students in biomechanics.

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Up Coming Events!

National Biomechanics Day  April 7th 2021

VT will be hosting NBD asynchronous virtually through BOLD from April 6th - 16th 2021

If you plan on participating with your school/class or as an individual please fill out this google form.

National Biomechanics Day

TBD!  Please contact Nicole Stark ( if you wish to use this platform for future events.

You can help support National Biomechanics Day and the BOLD site here!