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Gait Biomechanics At Home Activities

Below are videos that students can watch at home along with worksheets they can fill out!

What the Asymmetry?

In this video, we use a drop vertical jump to demonstrate limb loading asymmetry while including a “Bill-Nye'' style approach with an interactive video activity.  In the activity worksheet, you are asked to examine this drop vertical jump, and assess visually whether the landing was symmetrical (i.e. if both limbs look like they move similarly). Included in the video is a walk-through with loadsol® data side-by-side with the landing video to show loading asymmetry during what we would think is a symmetric task. Feel free to pause the video while filling out the activity worksheet below! 

NBD Activity Worksheet - What the Asymmetry.docx

Loading and Motion Capture during TikTok Dance

The app TikTok has many popular dances that creators have made to popular songs. In the videos below, we show limb loading and motion capture during the dance “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd. A side-by-side video shows a lab member wearing motion capture markers and loadsols®, with real-time display output from the loadsol® and QTM. After each video is played, please follow the instructions in the worksheet below the videos for an activity you can do at home. Feel free to duet our video and tag @GranataLab on TikTok! 

NBD Activity Worksheet - Loading and Motion Capture.docx

Loading during Exercise

A major focus of research in the Granata Lab is on sports injury. In this activity, you are asked to examine three exercises that are commonly used by athletes and research in the Granata Lab. A side-by-side video shows a lab member wearing loadsols®, with real-time display output from the loadsol®. Please play each video below and follow the instructions given in the activity worksheet.  

NBD Activity Worksheet - Loading during Exercise.docx
NBD Activity Worksheet - Answer Key.pdf